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Driver's ma久联优配nagement system is 久联优配one of the fundamental systems of road traffic management. Driver's license is the inevitable outcome of the development of road traffic management to a certain stage. The examination and certification of drivers' admission qualifications play a very important role in mastering the development of traffic and ensuring traffic safety.


At the beginning of the 20th century久联优配, there were not many cars in China and the problem of car safety was not prominent. However, cities with more cars, such as Beijing and Shanghai, have begun to explore the management system of car drivers. Jingshi Police Office took the lead in introducing the license of car drivers, thus the first generation of car drivers in China was born. With the increasing number of automobiles, Qingdao, Wuhan, Guangzhou and other places have also formulated regulations for applying for automobile driving licenses, with different types and styles of licenses.


In 1932, the transportation committees of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Beijing, Shanghai and other five provinces and cities were established and successively formulated regulations such as "uniform measures for driver's license", which realized the unification of driving licenses across provinces and cities. In 1936, the National Highway Traffic Committee was established. In order to facilitate the exchange of cars across the country, it stipulated a unified driver's license model and divided it into ordinary and professional categories.


In the traffic police history hall of the traffic management science research institute of the Ministry of public security, a car driver's license issued in October 1949 is collected, which is "the earliest car driver's license since the founding of new China".


The "technical appraisal" column on the inside page of the driver's license is printed with the driving resume, license type, technical grade evaluation and other items, in addition, there are also separate "reward records", "punishment records" and "work records". It is worth mentioning that at that time there were only two kinds of unit options, namely "firm" and "organ", of which "firm" had only the right to reward but not the right to punish.


The license issuing unit of this car driver's license is the Liaoning provincial capital public security bureau. in addition to the official seal of the public security bureau, the supervisor and the tester have affixed their signatures respectively, which reflects the strict control of the public security organs in driver's examination and the special attention paid by the new government to traffic safety issues.


The title page of the driver's license is printed with four conspicuous driver's creed: "take good care of the vehicle", "save fuel", "drive carefully" and "abide by regulations". In the early days of the founding of new China, because automobiles were mainly used for national defense and national construction, the first creed of "caring for automobiles" reflected the care for national and collective property. At that time, due to the shortage of domestic fuel resources, many cars were still driven by burning charcoal, so the second promotion was to save fuel instead of oil. The brake performance of early cars was poor. For a long period of time, "people walk a foot, cars run ten feet, and cars rob roads to be cheated" was the most publicized traffic safety slogan for pedestrians, while the most publicized traffic safety slogan for car drivers was the "careful driving" of the third creed. In addition, since the unified traffic management regulations had not yet taken shape at that time, the "regulations" advocated by article 4 of the creed were mainly local traffic management regulations.


For a long period of time after the founding of New China, car drivers have to have affiliated units to learn driving and research. Generally, the units pay for training personnel to take the driving license examination. The cars they drive are also the buses of the units. In case of violation of traffic rules and laws and regulations, the driver's working organ or business has the right to take back the driving license or cancel the driving license. In addition, article 5 of the "Notice to Holders of License" on the inside page of the car driver's license "this license is not equal to a pass when the holder is not performing driving duties", and the expression "negative, negative" clearly defines the scope of use of the car driver's license.


At the beginning of the founding of the People's Republic of China, everything had to be scrapped and the driver management system was in a brand-new exploratory stage. Through different periods of car driving license, we can get a glimpse of the traffic management level, economic development and spiritual civilization level in each period. With the progress of the society, the scientific and technological content of the driver's license also keeps pace with the times. The style of the driver's license has gradually developed from a paper manual to today's plastic card, and at the same time, high-tech anti-counterfeiting elements have been incorporated.


In 2019, the number of motor vehicles in our country has reached 348 million and the number of motor vehicle drivers has reached 435 million. Strict and standardized driver system is a good way to ensure road traffic safety from the source. The public security department is constantly improving the driver management system, which has important practical significance.

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